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Female Professional Speaking to a Seated Group of People

NAACP Strategy Refresh: C-HOPE

Female Professional Speaking to a Seated Group of People

Innovation and growth require nimble strategies. After more than a decade, we are sunsetting the "game changers" to embrace a bold new vision for our next chapter.

With a focus on innovation and impact, we are launching C-HOPE, our new Centers of Innovation:

  • Center for Health Equity;
  • Center for Opportunity, Race, and Justice;
  • Center for Education Innovation; and
  • Center for Environmental and Climate Justice.

Each Center brings together NAACP experts: issue-area leads, policy, lobbyists, communications, researchers, and state advocates to implement our ambitious goals.

Read more about each Center, our advocacy model, and how this will guide the NAACP's work moving forward.

NAACP Strategy Refresh: C-HOPE

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