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Retaining the Original Name of the ACT­-SO Program as Defined by its Founder, Vernon Jarrett

WHEREAS, in 1978, Vernon Jarrett, founder and creator of Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics hereinafter referred to as ACT-SO; and

WHEREAS, Vernon Jarrett recognized that African American youth were without a venue to develop and showcase their scholastic talents and abilities; and

WHEREAS, ACT-SO has been very successful as a mentoring tool for youth in preparing them for various professions, such as the sciences, humanities, performing arts, visual arts, and entrepreneurship; and

WHEREAS, the National NAACP has successfully operated the ACT-SO program for 29 years; and

WHEREAS, at the 9-12 annual ACT-SO competition during the orientation, it was observed that the term "Afro" was eliminated from the title of ACT-SO; and

WHEREAS, during the week of ACT-SO activity, it was further observed that ACT-SO collateral, including bags, t-shirts, and additional items failed to include any reference to the term "Afro"; and

WHEREAS, the full name of the ACT-SO, "Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics" was absent from the award ceremony souvenir booklet, nor was it referenced during the actual award ceremony; and

WHEREAS, since 1978 the term "Afro" has been an integral part of the name ACT-SO and has always been the prelude to our national convention.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, to remain constant with the vision of the founder, the late Vernon Jarrett, and, as adopted by the National Board of Directors in 1978, that the NAACP ensures that the word "Afro" is always spelled out in all Afro Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics literature and paraphernalia and that the program forever maintains its identity and relationship as an NAACP program and all ACT-SO collateral maintain the NAACP branding.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the NAACP will always remember the legacy of Vernon Jarrett, founder and creator of the ACT-SO program as the Afro­ Academic Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics.

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