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Unit Financial & Bookkeeping Guide

NAACP Member Photo Styled

This financial guide focuses on several areas that are fundamental and critical to the successful continuance of our organization.

The guidance helps us:

  1. Minimize our audit risk by being in total voluntary compliance with all regulatory agencies, including the IRS, state and local agencies.

  2. Limit our liability exposures by controlling the events that might impact the organization negatively, such as an absence of proper due diligence.

  3. Attain a zero deficiency rating when we are selected for random audit by a regulatory agency.

  4. Maintain fiscal integrity through the establishment of accounting procedures which comply with generally accepted accounting principles and income tax accounting rules.

  5. Provide vital information with which management can effectively, efficiently, and strategically allocate scarce resources in the ever-changing environment in which NAACP conducts business.

Download the guide below for more information on assessments, audits, and fundraising tips.