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Voting on Election Day

Voter Turnout Volunteer

Volunteer with the NAACP to make a difference in the upcoming elections.

Become a Volunteer

The 2022 midterm election is in our hands. We have the opportunity to shift the narrative of voting and mobilize to protect the rights we've worked hard to preserve. 

Volunteer to register and mobilize voters to help make a difference in your community. Help us build Black political power and amplify our voices at the polls.


All states matter but these 22 states are at the frontlines of the battle for our democracy:

Targeted States - Power Your Vote - CROPPED

Your Voting Options

Volunteer Code of Conduct

As a volunteer for the NAACP Volunteer Program, I affirm that:

  1. I understand that the Program is non-partisan, and I will not make any statements supporting or opposing any candidate for public office or any political party.
  2. I understand that any information I receive through my activities as a volunteer with the Program is confidential, and I will not share this information with anyone, nor will I use it for any other purpose.
  3. I understand and accept that courtesy and respect should be demonstrated in all contacts as a volunteer and on behalf of the Program.
  4. I will not harm anyone in any way, whether through harassment, physical force, verbal abuse, or any other harmful action.
  5. I will be participating in a "no-contact canvassing" Program, only texting and calling voters.
  6. I will comply with all legal requirements known to me while serving as a volunteer with the Program.

3 Ways to Participate in the 2022 Election