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Protect Expanded Medicaid Coverage

Protect Our Health Care

We've reached the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, which will lead to unprecedented coverage terminations in historically disadvantaged communities. More than half of those expected to lose Medicaid are people of color. 


  • More than 2 million African Americans
  • Nearly 5 million Latinos
  • Almost 1 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Research also suggests that nearly 7 million children are at risk of losing coverage in the US and children of color are particularly vulnerable:

  • 13% of all Black children
  • 12% of all Native American children
  • 12% of all Latino children
  • 10% of all Native Hawaiians or Pacific Islander
  • children
  • 6% of all Asian American children

We cannot let this happen. Urge your Governor to maintain expanded Medicaid coverage during the Medicaid unwinding period for all community members, especially families with children and the elderly, who were added to the Medicaid rolls due to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.  

Masked Doctor Using Stethoscope with Patient

Take Your Advocacy Further

Unprecedented Medicaid terminations, focused on historically disadvantaged communities, would deepen already severe health inequities. Learn the facts and advocate for equitable health care for our communities.