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Black Masked Female Doctor Treating a Patient - Indoors

Hands Off Our Health Care Toolkit

Black Masked Female Doctor Treating a Patient - Indoors

For the last 3 years, the federal government, primarily through the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, has declared both national and public health emergencies with the goal of increasing access to critical services, including testing, vaccination, direct payments, insurance coverage, etc.

Impacts on Communities of Color

Unprecedented Medicaid terminations, focused on historically disadvantaged communities, would deepen already severe health inequities. More than half of those whom the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation expect to lose Medicaid are people of color:

  • Nearly 5 million Latinos
  • More than 2 million African Americans
  • Almost 1 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Research suggests that nearly 7 million children are at risk of losing coverage in the US and children of color are particularly vulnerable:

  • 13% of all Black children
  • 12% of all Native American children
  • 12% of all Latino children
  • 10% of all Native Hawaiians or Pacific Islander children
  • 6% of all Asian American children

View the toolkit below to learn how to take action in your own community.

  • Hands Off Our Health Care Toolkit