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Ivory Toldson - NAACP Director of Education Innovation and Research Strategy
Press Statement November 9, 2022

NAACP to continue to fight anti-CRT legislation after midterms

Ivory Toldson - NAACP Director of Education Innovation and Research Strategy

During the midterm elections, many politicians tried to use Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a way to manipulate and scare voters. Some of these candidates won their elections, while others failed. However, what is clear is that the real issues facing millions of Black and Brown students in our country were largely ignored by these campaigns.

Today, we celebrate historically high levels of diversity in our schools, yet structural racism and racial disparities has never been more pronounced. Yet, instead of addressing these deep-rooted issues head on, many politicians spent their time trying to discredit CRT based on fantastical misconceptions and lies. Clearly, it was more important for some to scapegoat diverse learners, rather than propose solutions for our education system.

To be clear, post-midterms the NAACP will be on the offense for justice in education for Black students. We will vehemently fight the harmful agendas of the politicians that lied to get elected. And we will work to make sure that every student can benefit from a rigorous world-class education, that is honest about our past, adapts to our diversity, and roots out racism, whether it's structural, implicit or interpersonal. Only then can we create the future we all deserve.

This moment requires us to be unafraid and more committed than ever before to ensuring justice in education for all students, regardless of their color, zip code, income, gender, ability, or identity. Education should not be used as a ploy to subjugate, but as a pathway to liberate. The NAACP will continue be on the front lines, leading this charge. We encourage everyone who believes in justice to stand with us.

Dr. Ivory Toldson

Director of Education Innovation and Research

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