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National Voter Education Week


Your Voting RESOURCE Center

If it's one thing we know, voting is made difficult for us on purpose. Making voter information harder to access is a form of voter suppression. This Voter Education Week, NAACP continues to provide the resources needed to guide Black voters during election season.

Voter Education Week Activities

Each day, take your advocacy further by taking the steps to being a well-informed and prepared voter for the upcoming election season. 

Your Voting Options

Black Voter Day Hero - Black woman wearing I Voted Sticker

Never Miss An Election

We need every vote we can get to protect our democracy. Sign up for text and email reminders to receive important information about upcoming election dates and deadlines near you. 

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Our well-being and health matter greatly, and moving this country forward depends on all communities mobilizing around the solution.

- Dominik Whitehead, Vice President of Campaigns, NAACP