The NAACP advocates for smarter, results-based criminal justice policies to keep our communities safe, including treatment for addiction and mental health problems, judicial discretion in sentencing, and an end to racial disparities at all levels of the system.

The United States is home to the world’s largest prison population. As “tough on crime” laws have put an unprecedented number of non-violent offenders behind bars in recent years, our neighborhoods feel no more secure.


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The Latest on Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice Fact Sheet

Key stats on incarceration trends, drug sentencing and long term effects.

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Racial Profiling one-pager

A quick guide to starting a conversation about racial profiling with youth.

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Criminal Justice Program Issues

Information on sentencing reform, effective law enforcement and eliminating barriers for the formerly incarcerated.

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Racial Profiling Curriculum Guide (by topic)

A guide to select existing curriculum and lesson plans.

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Racial Profiling Curriculum Guide (by grade level)

a guide to select existing curriculum and lesson plans.

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Racial Profiling Draft Resource Guide

Additional resources on racial profiling.

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The 411 on the 5-0

A quick guide to basic do's and don'ts when youth encounter law enforcement.

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Know Your Rights Supplement

More details about the rights of individuals and youth when encountering law enforcement.

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Additional Criminal Justice Resources

More toolkits, handbooks and reports.

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