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2021 NAACP Resolutions

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Each year during the Annual Convention, members participate in a legislative session to establish policies and programs NAACP will pursue during the upcoming year.

The 2021 resolutions discussed at the 112th National Convention include actions that further the Association's work in civil and voting rights, health and housing, education, economic development, environmental and international affairs, legislation and political action, and labor.

The 37 resolutions considered and approved include:

  • Prioritizing Racial Equity as a Pillar of the Biden-Harris Administration
  • Policing Reform in the United States
  • Student Debt Cancellation $50,000 & Beyond
  • Reform in the Policing and Criminalization of Communities Engaged in Addressing Fossil Fuel Energy Critical Infrastructure
  • Expanding Telehealth to Reduce Health Disparities in the African American Community
  • To Urge an End to the Filibuster and "Blue Slip" Practice
  • Voting Rights

Read the 2021 Resolutions for the full, detailed list of resolutions.

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