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Meet Us @ The Hub


Become A Hub Partner

Experience transformative impact at the NAACP National Convention — a gathering of changemakers, thought-leaders, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and influencers celebrating Black culture. The Hub, pulsing with immersive experiences, innovative products, and top brands, lies at the core of the Convention.

As a Hub partner, you gain access to 10,000+ attendees and 6 Million+ followers and viewers to elevate your brand nationally, and engage the audience through interactive exhibits and giveaways, creating an unforgettable and brand-promoting experience. 

Cultivate the Experience

Anchor Partners

Anchor partners hold exclusive ownership of the most coveted and top-tier spaces, emphasizing groundbreaking technology, health and well-being, arts and culture, and sports. They provide unrivaled chances to participate, learn, and connect.

Lab Partners

Lab partners infuse energy into the hub through immersive experiences in the retail lab, business lab, book club, and career summit, fostering hands-on engagement and exploration.

Stage & Spotlight

Stage & Spotlight serves as a captivating platform for thought-provoking panel discussions, intimate fireside chats, and compelling talks featuring visionary speakers, authors, inspiring artists, and entrepreneurs.


Entertainment will begin with an electrifying opening block party featuring the Mayor of Boston, and extends throughout the weekend from celebrity DJs, lively happy hours, influential figures, performers, to engaging social media experiences.


NAACP Live!, broadcasting from the Convention, will present daily interview segments on local and regional news and social platforms.

Choose Your Level:

  • Hub Title Presenter (The Hub powered by …): $1M
  • Anchor Title Partner (2500 sq. ft footprint): $500K
  • Hub Stage Title Presenter: $250k
  • Anchor Activator: $200K
  • Happy Hour Presenter: $100k
  • Lab Presenter: $100K
  • Lab Activator: $50K
  • Hub Spotlight Presenter: $30k
  • Large Kiosk (1000 sq. ft): $30k
  • Small Kiosk (100 sq. ft): $10K